Aarhus Transport Group – ATG

By Air – By Land – By Sea


Key concepts:

  • Intelligent Transport Systems Digitization
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals in transportation
  • Workforce education


Aarhus Transport Group (ATG) was established in 1994 by a group of transport people from the Aarhus area to strengthen the transport business in and around Aarhus. Today, ATG’s area of ​​interest covers the entire Business Region Aarhus, which is the 12 East Jutland municipalities surrounding Aarhus.


The purpose of the association is to strengthen the cooperation between transport stakeholders, and to ensure business competitiveness through the development of the region’s infrastructure, technology, transport technology and knowledge level.


ATG wants to go the way of cooperation, and one of the most important tasks for ATG is to protect the interests of the transport industry. We do this by engaging in dialogue with policy makers and institutions – local as well as national. Through sustained influence at meetings, through media and at conferences, to increase the focus on the transport industries and thereby positively influence policy makers, we help protect the interests of our members.